Non-Orthodox Judaism in Israel

Check out these 8 major victories for non orthodox Judaism in Israel in an article on Ha’aretz linked to by Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner #progressivejudaismforthewin #PJFTW Article here


What is the Reform Movement’s approach to same sex marriage?

Answered by Rabbi Debbie Young Somers The Reform Movement has changed its approach over many years as we are a movement that is not Reformed, but Reform – constantly renewing and growing. Reform Synagogues have been offering Gay Jewish weddings for around a decade already, and we are proud to have been part of the coalition that campaigned for marriage …

Gabriel Pogrund

OPINION: A conversation is needed about killing in God’s name

By Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner, Senior Rabbi to Reform Judaism and Gabriel Pogrund, Editor, The London Tab. Student at UCL.For The Jewish News. Full article here. It would be too easy to ring fence the cause and effect of extremism to any one religious group. Muslim communities are not alone in being affected by the toxicity of radicalisation. Following the fifty day war between …

laura katan

The grim state of sexual harassment on campus

by Laura Katan for The Tab London. It’s so bad 150 societies have signed a pledge against sexual harassment at UCL Groping in clubs, spiked drinks, unwanted sexual advances, even a woman being bullied into publicly stimulating oral sex on a cucumber. Sexual harassment remains rife at UCL. Women are experiencing it all too often, but they are afraid to speak out. When …

sophie lipton

Sun, sights & sirens: Why this year’s Israel Tour was different

By Sophie Lipton, Leader on RSY Netzer Tour 1 5774. For The Jewish News, full article here About two weeks before I began Israel tour, on which I was planning to be a madricha (leader) for one of the six RSY Netzer tour groups, Operation Protective Edge exploded across headlines. Israel was at the apex of British news and it …