The Team

Who are the people that run the movement throughout the year


Naomi Raanan

Movement Worker

Naomi grew up in Leeds and attended Sinai synagogue. After qualifying as a teacher from Birmingham University, Naomi moved to London to become a movement worker in order to fund her side line passion for finger painting.

rhirhi face

Rhiannon Humphreys

Movement Worker

Rhi grew up in London and Tokyo, and has spent the last ten glorious years involved in a variety of RSY-N events, machanot (camps), around RSY-N chaverim and chillin in synagogue youth activities. Rhi is so excited to be working in the 5777 tzevet with four other lovely faces!


Lucy Prevezer

Movement Worker

Lucy grew up in Stanmore before moving the hub of RSY - Netzer in East Finchley! She studied at the University of Leeds studying Managing Performance before her love for RSY grew too strong and as soon as she graduated became one of five movement workers for the 5777 team!


Joe Grabiner

Movement Worker

Joe was born and raised in London and at the age of thirteen RSY-Netzer entered his life. For nine tender years the movement chewed him up and he's now been spat out as a movement worker. For the past three years he's been studying politics and philosophy at LSE and been eating lots of hummus.


Tom Sadan

Movement Worker

Having joined RSY-Netzer on Israel Tour 5770, Tom has only become keener for the movement with each passing year. Tom attended Cardiff University where he studied History and Music, and recently spent time travelling around Australia, Israel, and Portugal, putting off the inevitable reality of the real world. Most importantly, Tom is unbelievably excited to be part of the Movement Work tzevet for the coming year!

Alyson Joseph

Senior Administrator

Alyson grew up in Southgate and went to Kadimah summer camp.  She lived in Australia for one year and from 1989 worked for RSGB for 10 years and then transferred to RSY-Netzer.

Yon Borthwick

Senior Youth Development Manager

Yon’s work involves supporting the RSY-Netzer Movement Workers and the Community Youth Worker. He also hosts the youth workers forum, providing planning support, training and professional development to youth workers in our communities around the country.

Cassie Shoffren

Events Manager

Cassie grew up in Essex in the Reform Community before she went on to become an events manager in 5 star hotels across London. Now a member of Sha'are Tsedek with her husband and two children Cassie has been working for RSY-Netzer since 2011.

Contact Info

The Sternberg Centre
80 East End Road
N3 2SY


020 8349 5666

In emergencies during events, please call:  020 8349 5666

For Out of Office: an emergency number has been sent to you. Please think carefully before calling out of office hours. An emergency is a situation that cannot wait until office hours. Please be considerate and think whether your call must be dealt with immediately.